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Trevor Lawrence Done With Clemson After LSU Game?

Trevor Lawrence Done With Clemson After LSU Game?

Trevor Lawrence Done With Clemson After LSU Game?

Is Trevor Lawrence done with Clemson after the LSU game?

That is going to be the big question coming out of Monday night. Regardless of whether LSU or Clemson emerges victorious from their National Championship showdown, Lawrence’s status will suddenly become a very hot topic.

Lawrence is widely regarded as the consensus No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Had he been able to leave last year, he would have been selected before Kyler Murray. If he could leave this year, there would be a very real debate between him and Joe Burrow for the top spot.

Because Lawrence finds himself in the unique position of being a highly sought-after prospect who is not yet eligible to go pro, many are wondering if he will simply sit out next season. That way he could avoid injuring himself like Tua Tagovailoa did and simply prepare for a jump to the next level.

Recently, USA Today football writer Brent Schrotenboer asked Lawrence if he had any plans to sit out next season.

Lawrence did not seem too keen on the idea.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” Lawrence responded.

“I think I just love Clemson. I love college football and whether it’s one more year or two more years, whatever it may be, I just love it here. I love doing what I’ve done. I think it’s a unique experience being able to go to school and grow and become a man and get to do it with some of your best friends.”

Lawrence maintains that the money that he stands to risk is not something that will sway him.

“I mean, if I’m meant to play in the NFL one day, it’ll work out, so I’m not worried about making money now or whatever it may be,” Lawrence replied. “I just want to enjoy where I’m at and make the most of this time.”

If Lawrence does return to Clemson next season, the Tigers will likely once again be favorites to play in the 2021 National Championship Game.

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