Travis Kelce Finds 1 Thing About Taylor Swift Annoying

Travis Kelce Finds 1 Thing About Taylor Swift Annoying

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift occupy an interesting position within the larger cultural zeitgeist. She is the biggest musical star in the world; he is a three-time Super Bowl champion.

As a result, their union has attracted a lot of attention.

Over the past few weeks alone the pair has set the internet ablaze for everything ranging from Kelce’s reaction when a woman tried to dance on him in a club to Kelce immediately breaking one of Swift’s rules in Las Vegas to Kelce’s handsy photo with another singer.

This week, that trend continued.

According to Life & Style Magazine, Kelce is a bit annoyed with one particular rule that Swift has for him.

“For example, Travis — who’s talked about past visits to adult-entertainment venues on his ‘New Heights’ podcast and wore a Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas shirt to a November football game — ‘is fine not going to strip clubs anymore (that’s one of her hard rules), but Taylor also doesn’t want him posing for photographs with female fans, mostly to avoid inaccurate headlines,’ explains the source. ‘He had to roll his eyes at that one.’”

That is certainly understandable. Kelce is a guy who has had free reign to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, for years.

The fact that Swift is reportedly coming in and mothering him in this fashion probably isn’t an ideal change of pace.

That being said – relationships are all about tradeoffs. You get something, and then the other person gets something.

So long as both parties walk away largely happy, the trade off is worth it.

Given that Kelce and Swift have seemed pretty outwardly happy up to this point, it feels like they have deemed the agreement that they have a success.

The next few months will be interesting to observe. If Kelce and Swift last as a couple until the next NFL season, there is a good chance they will go the distance as a pair.

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