Tracy McGrady’s Blunt Take On Kobe Bryant’s All-Time Rank

Tracy McGrady’s Blunt Take On Kobe Bryant’s All-Time Rank

Tracy McGrady is one of the greatest NBA players of his generation.

Among the peers that admired his way of playing ball and who lamented about his unstoppable nature, particularly on offense, was Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Bryant quite straight-forwardly referred to McGrady as one of the toughest players he ever had to guard – if not the toughest.

This week, it was McGrady’s turn to weigh in on Bryant. Specifically, where the Lakers legend belongs on the all-time NBA rankings.

“Kobe ain’t top five? Get the f*** outta here,” McGrady said.

“Are you kidding me? And guess what they say the reason why he’s not top five. Oh, because he played with [Shaquille O’Neal]. Okay, did Magic Johnson play with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was the all-time leading scorer? But you wanna sit here and talk about Kobe playing with Shaq?”


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McGrady’s rant didn’t end there, though. He had a lot more to say in regards to Bryant’s status in NBA lore.

“They so disrespectful when it comes to Bean, bro,” McGrady continued.

“They talking about he ain’t better than (Michael Jordan)… He’s the closest thing to MJ. Well, tell me the other motherf***** that is close to MJ then, that played the game. Who else is close to MJ?

“Ain’t nobody else close to MJ. So how was he excluded out of this conversation if he’s close to MJ, and MJ is the greatest of all time? Help me understand that.”

McGrady is one of the greatest offensive stars to ever pick up a basketball.

Because of that, he is uniquely qualified to speak on the greatness of other players in a way few others are.

If McGrady is saying this about Bryant’s place in all-time NBA history, you know he means it.

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