Tracy McGrady Shares Emotional Kobe Bryant Story

Tracy McGrady Shares Emotional Kobe Bryant Story

Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant were two of the most popular players of their generation.

Although the latter obviously won five championships and became known as an all-time great, the former was no slouch either.

McGrady inspired players like Kevin Durant to play in a way that the league previously hadn’t seen anyone do before. In fact, Bryant famously described him as one of the most unstoppable offensive talents he had ever gone against.

To say that McGrady and Bryant had an extremely tight relationship would be an understatement.

Recently, McGrady appeared on an interview where he told one particularly emotional story regarding his old friend.


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“Kobe had me so mad one time, we were at Disney World, in Paris,” McGrady said.

“I just finished eating. He wanted to get on a rollercoaster. I don’t want to get on a roller coaster, I don’t like rollercoasters. This man kept begging me to get on this roller coaster…

“Bruh, I got on there and man, I wanted to choke the sh*t outta Kob after we got out there! I was so sick bro, I was done for the whole day!”

This isn’t the first time McGrady has regaled folks with a Bryant-related anecdote. He told an absolutely hilarious story earlier this year, too. It feels like he has Bryant tales for days.

McGrady has quietly developed into one of the most intriguing NBA legends around. Whether he is breaking down how he would fix the Los Angeles Lakers or completely destroying Rudy Gobert, he is always a fun listen.

This was no exception.

What interesting anecdotes and hot takes will McGrady ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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