Tony Romo Offers Opinion On Sam Darnold, Jets

Tony Romo Offers Opinion On Sam Darnold, Jets

Tony Romo Offers Opinion On Sam Darnold, Jets

Tony Romo is never shy about offering his opinion, but his recent praise for New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is pretty effusive even by his standards.

While speaking to the media this week, Romo suggested that Darnold possesses a quality that is extremely valuable in today’s NFL.

“I just think he’s got that thing the great ones have,” Romo said.

“The ability to process information very quickly, and his spatial awareness. Some call it ‘the it’ factor, feel, whatever you want to see. He sees angles quicker than other people. His brain allows him to do certain things because of that,” he continued.

“I told you guys last year, he’s going to be a good one.”


What exactly has inspired this sort of massive confidence in Darnold’s ability? Well, perhaps Romo is going off the Jets quarterback’s one drive of the preseason.

While playing the New York Giants, Darnold led a touchdown drive against the opposition’s first team defense. On that drive, he went 4-for-5 with a touchdown pass to Jamison Crowder.

The second year is typically when quarterbacks who will ultimately be above average or better in the NFL make their biggest strides, so if Darnold is going to make a big leap, this’d definitely be the time.

Will Romo’s confidence in the young quarterback be rewarded? We will find out soon enough.

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