Tom Brady’s Response To Video That Shows Him Very Drunk

Tom Brady’s Response To Video That Shows Him Very Drunk

Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory in the Super Bowl on Sunday. In the process, the 43-year-old secured his seventh career championship and fifth Super Bowl MVP award.

On Wednesday, Brady and his Buccaneers teammates decided to have a big celebration to commemorate their triumph. Brady showed up to the parade in an insane $2 million boat, laughing and giggling the entire time like a guy who was really enjoying life.

While Brady and his teammates celebrated in a variety of ways, one specific one involved the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

As such, when Brady finally reached land again, he had some issues walking.

The reaction to Brady being seemingly wasted was exactly what you’d expect it to be.

Somewhere along the way Brady and his social media team realized that they were the talk of Twitter, so they took the messaging into their own hands.

For the uninitiated: the nonstop avocado references stem from Brady’s diet including avocado ice cream as his special dessert treat. The GOAT doesn’t like foods that are anti-inflammatories, so he doesn’t indulge in white sugar, caffeine or dairy. That leaves a very narrow space for treats – and avocado ice cream is Brady’s.

Hence the avocado references this week.

When you consider all the strikes against the Chiefs over the past few days, a little alcoholic overindulgence by Brady seems hardly worth talking about.

You will recall, Patrick Mahomes’ fiancée Brittany Matthews is embroiled in a racist tweet scandal, his younger brother Jackson irritated pretty much all of America with his nonsense, and then his mom showed everyone what not to do when your son loses the Super Bowl.

Compared to that, Brady’s celebration is just good, harmless fun.

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