What Chad Wheeler Did Right After Choking GF Alleah Taylor Unconscious

What Chad Wheeler Did Right After Choking GF Alleah Taylor Unconscious

The woman who was allegedly attacked by former NFL player Chad Wheeler is speaking out regarding the harrowing experience.

In an interview with ‘CBS This Morning’ Alleah Taylor lays out in troubling detail what transpired between her and Wheeler, who is 6-foot-7 and weighs more than 300-pounds.

“He, he stood up,” she said. “And he told me to bow down. And I asked him why. And he didn’t respond. He just told me to bow down again. And I told him no. And he immediately grabbed my neck. And that’s when things began,” she tearfully said.

Wheeler would allegedly choke Taylor unconscious, forcing her to black out twice in a short amount of time.

Eventually, she regained consciousness.

“I had touched my face. And I looked down, and there was, there’s blood on my hand…I remember getting up and running to the bathroom. Chad was standing by the bed, by the doorway. And he was sipping his smoothie and was, like, ‘Wow, you’re, you’re still alive.’”

At that point – she ran.

“I was able to run to the bathroom,” she continued. “He went back into the living room to continue eating. I had texted his dad too, and told him that Chad was trying to kill me. And showed him a picture. Chad’s dad called him while he was eating. And while I was in the bathroom. And he answered. And he didn’t have any worry at all, and Chad was, like, ‘I’m just eating dinner. Nothing’s going on.’ And that terrified me.”

The injuries from the attack will be something Taylor may have to deal with for the rest of her life.

“I still have to regularly get my concussion checked… I have bolts, and steel, and a steel plate I’m gonna have forever in my arm… I’m gonna have…gonna have to deal with this the rest of my life,” she said.

Taylor initially reportedly told police that she believed Wheeler’s attack was the byproduct of a “manic episode” stemming from his bipolar disorder.

During her interview with CBS, however, she admitted that there was no way for her to know this for certain.

“To be honest I don’t know,” she said. “He went and ate dinner after doing this to me. He didn’t take the same approach with the cops as he did with me.”

It reportedly took multiple police officers and the use of a taser to finally subdue Wheeler.

He continues to maintain that what happened was the result of his mental health issues.

Wheeler has a case-setting hearing scheduled for Thursday and his trial is scheduled for April 6. He was told this past week to stay in Washington on electronic home detention with a GPS-equipped ankle monitoring device as a condition of his pretrial release.

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