Tom Brady Reveals Surprising Health Update

Tom Brady Reveals Surprising Health Update

Tom Brady Reveals Surprising Health Update

Tom Brady revealed a surprising health update this week.

All year long, the New England Patriots legend has not looked like himself. Some attributed it to age. Others pointed to a lack of solid wide receiver options on the roster this year.

As it turns out, though, it was something else entirely: an injury.

Brady aggravated an existing elbow injury during New England’s Week 14 showdown versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since then, the pain has lingered, but Brady has refused to let it become a distraction.

While appearing on his weekly Westwood One interview, Brady promised that the injury would not be a problem going forward.

This past weekend, Brady looked a little more like his old self against the Buffalo Bills. He threw for 271 yards and a score while completing 78.8 percent of his passes on the day.

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