Tom Brady Is Headed To LA Chargers

Tom Brady Is Headed To LA Chargers

Tom Brady Is Headed To LA Chargers

Tom Brady is headed to the LA Chargers, according to some reports.

Brady, 42, is finally starting to show some signs that he is a mortal.

Despite arguably being the greatest quarterback in NFL history, this season has not been the easiest one for him in terms of on-the-field-production.

The New England Patriots are still really good this year, but that primarily due to the team’s play on the defensive of the ball.

With an end finally in sight, some reports are indicating that Brady may finally make some extreme moves that he would not have otherwise considered earlier in his career.

One such move? Moving to LA.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, there is a possibility that Brady will join the Chargers to replace Philip Rivers.

“If [Brady] does go anywhere, clearly he frustrated right now with the state of what’s around him in New England and he has been all year and it’s boiling over now,” he said.

“Look at the skill position players with the Chargers. It would be the best cast Brady has played with since Randy Moss and Rob Gronkowski.”

La Canfora did not stop there, though.

“The next stage of his life and his career is built around Hollywood,” he continued.

“That’s not speculation, that’s not guessing, that’s where it’s at. Whether it’s producing movies with Matt Damon and his Hollywood buddies. If he leaves, there’s one place that makes sense.”

While this all sounds extreme, it is worth remembering that we literally just saw this exact same scenario play out with LeBron James.

James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers in large part because he wanted to live in Hollywood and work in the entertainment business.

If the same is true for Brady, and La Canfora is clearly saying that it is, then this would not exactly be an unprecedented move.

Either way, it is clear that Rivers is not long for the Chargers world. One way or another the team will replace him. Who his replacement will be remains to be seen.

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