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Texas Has No Hope Vs Oklahoma, According To Paul Finebaum

Texas Has No Hope Vs Oklahoma, According To Paul Finebaum

Texas Has No Hope Vs Oklahoma, According To Paul Finebaum

Texas has no hope vs Oklahoma on Saturday, according to Paul Finebuam.

This weekend, the Longhorns will face off against the Sooners in what is undoubtedly the most important Big 12 match-up of the season thus far.

Oklahoma enters the game as heavy favorites, currently leading the conference in scoring and total offense.

It does not help Texas’s case any that their defense is tied for last in the Big 12 in yards allowed per play.

When pressed this week on whether Texas has any shot against Oklahoma, Finebaum was very blunt.

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“I just don’t think they will do it,” he said.

“This is a very difficult game for them because Jalen Hurts is playing as well as any quarterback in the entire country.

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“Sam Ehlinger is good, but the problem Texas has had is its defense.

“They couldn’t stop Joe Burrow four weeks ago in Austin and that would lead me to believe they couldn’t stop Jalen Hurts either.”

To be fair, Finebaum also was not particularly enthralled with Oklahoma’s defense.

This is the Big 12, after all.

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“Now, the defense on the Oklahoma side isn’t quite as good, but they’re good enough,” he said.

“Also, Oklahoma can’t afford a loss and sneak into the playoffs.

“With so many undefeated teams left, they know they have to win this game.”

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