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Texas Firing Tom Herman After Latest Embarrassing Loss?

Texas Firing Tom Herman After Latest Embarrassing Loss?

Tom Herman’s coaching future is very much in doubt after the No. 9 ranked Longhorns fell to an unranked TCU squad on Saturday afternoon.

Four years into Herman’s stint with the program, this has become an all too familiar sight. He cannot just Adam Gase his way through life for much longer, right?

After the game, Herman owned up to his failures – sort of.

“That’s on me to get them ready and find a way to make sure that we don’t beat ourselves,” he said.

While that ownership is no doubt better than the alternative, it doesn’t do much good if nothing ever comes of it.

Since 2017, no FBS coach has recorded more losses at the hands of unranked opponents while AP ranked at the time.

That fun fact speaks to how overrated Texas is on an annual basis with Herman at the helm, and just how much the program consistently underperforms.

Needless to say, fans were not happy with what they saw on Saturday.

Unfortunately for Herman, he and the Longhorns won’t have much time to relax and regain their equilibrium. Next week they are taking on an Oklahoma team with something to prove.

How much longer will Herman be able to fail and not suffer the consequences?

By the look of things – not for much longer.

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  1. TEXAS has the talent but not the discipline. It all falls on the coaches, but with a win or a loss “TEXAS LONGHORNS 4 LIFE”!!!! And to all u so called “DIE HARD FANS” if u really were a die hard fan u wouldn’t b throwing them under the bus played a good game. ” WAY TO GO HORNS GOOD GAME”!!!!!

  2. Herman was destined to fail from day one after being invited the big boy club. He’s all about prestige and money, and thus ditched Houston and his former players before their second big bowl game (which was a loss, some of which was likely caused by the disarray with Herman’s sudden escape to Texas). He’s continued this condescending, smug attitude at Texas which will never lead a team to the top, especially with players that already feel entitled. It shows in about every interview he does, and he probably smirks whenever he see Orgeron talking about LSU. Texas should have seen these Herman traits before they hired him, but they were not capable of recognizing it. They were also too hot to move on to the next big thing. Too bad Texas can’t bring Mac Brown and his humble, hard-working attitude back to Austin. If Mac and the lesser talented Tarheels came to Austin, they would likely also show Texas how short sighted their program is.

  3. Do we want Herman coaching we start playing Bama? He has 2 straight top ten recruiting class, but why is Texas having issues?

  4. Herman is not the answer and I was confident he was. The longer we wait to hire a big time coach, the longer it will take to recover. Our recruiting will suffer and we will have a number of decommits. Who would want to play for the sh**t show we are?

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