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Urban Meyer On Why College Football Is So Crazy In 2020

Urban Meyer On Why College Football Is So Crazy In 2020

The 2020 college football season has gotten off to a bit of wild start.

Putting aside the delays and inter-conference fights regarding whether games should take place, even the on-the-field stuff has been crazy.

Just last week, defending champion LSU fell to an unranked opponent.

As far as former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is concerned, a lack of prep time in the offseason may be responsible.

“I think they’re directly related to that,” he said.

“All routines have been blown apart. “You look at all the way back from March, spring practices were disrupted, training camps were disrupted, and the biggest issue right now, to me, talking with many of our colleagues, is the contact point of the game.

“That is blocking, tackling and ball security. When you watch those upsets, for Kansas State to beat Oklahoma, on a normal day, just talent for talent, Kansas State is not going to beat Oklahoma.”

It is hard to argue with Meyer’s assessment.

If last week’s trends continue going forward, this may turn out to be the wildest college football season on record.

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