Texas A&M’s Fan Encounter With Girl Goes Viral (Video)

Texas A&M’s Fan Encounter With Girl Goes Viral (Video)

A Texas A&M fan’s encounter with a girl at a match-up between the Aggies and Clemson went viral this week.

Obviously neither Texas A&M nor Clemson is a stranger to making headlines. The latter had a cheerleader whose leaked photos nearly melted the internet this year, and the former is notorious for cheating.

That being said, this particular incident is different.

An Aggies fan found himself at the center of a big hubbub this week when his encounter with a girl set the internet ablaze:

Folks had some strong reactions to what they saw:

Big picture, until both the guy and the girl in the video come out and talk about it, nobody will know what really happened here.

That said – theories are obviously raging.

It will be interesting to see if any are ever confirmed or denied.

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