Taylor Swift Gets Into Screaming Match With NFL Fans At Chiefs Game

Taylor Swift Gets Into Screaming Match With NFL Fans At Chiefs Game

Taylor Swift appeared to get into a screaming match with NFL fans at Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game.

With a Super Bowl berth on the line, tensions were understandably high among all parties attending this weekend’s AFC Championship Game.

Ultimately, that led to an interesting confrontation between a group of NFL fans and Swift where they accused her of harming the overall product of football games for the swath of viewers that didn’t find her endearing.

The fans’ statement to Swift and her subsequent response quickly went viral:

There is no denying that NFL fans have been inundated with coverage about Swift in recent months. Between her and Travis Kelce getting busted getting frisky in their car to Swift’s rapidly-deteriorating relationship with Brittany Mahomes, it has been one thing after another.

Because of that, folks at home had mixed feelings about the encounter between Swift and those NFL fans:

Big picture, love her or hate her, Swift isn’t going anywhere.

The Chiefs are in the Super Bowl and Kelce is going to want his girlfriend there no matter what.

Swift’s detractors are just going to need to get used to that.

Will Swift’s presence at the Super Bowl ultimately steal the show in the way many expect it to? Time will tell.

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