NFL Referees Blatantly Cheat Ravens Out Win Over Taylor Swift’s Chiefs

NFL Referees Blatantly Cheat Ravens Out Win Over Taylor Swift’s Chiefs

NFL referees blatantly cheated the Baltimore Ravens out of a win over the Taylor Swift-led Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Obviously over the past few months Swift and the Chiefs have been the hottest story in football.

Between Swift and Travis Kelce getting frisky in the backseat of their car and the brewing beef between Swift and Brittany Mahomes,  there has been a ton of eyes on all parties involved. The NFL loves that.

And many expected that because of all the hype Swift brings, the league’s referees might be extra generous to Kansas City on Sunday.

Sadly, that is precisely what ended up happening.

All game long, the NFL’s referees helped the Chiefs time and again. No videos better illustrated the favoritism on display this weekend towards Swift’s team than these:

Understandably, folks at home were livid:

Again, business is business. Clearly the NFL feels it is in the league’s best interest to have the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.


But why not let them get their honestly? Wouldn’t that serve the product better?

The NFL’s referees blatantly helped Swift’s Chiefs beat the Ravens on Sunday. And while her fans may be happy to play for a championship under those circumstances, it doesn’t do a ton for those who still believe in the integrity of the game.

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