Susie Zhao: What Really Happened To Burned Poker Player?

Susie Zhao: What Really Happened To Burned Poker Player?

Susie Zhao: What Really Happened To Burned Poker Player?

The body of professional poker player Susie Zhao was found in Michigan Park back on July 13. Now, nearly two weeks later, many are asking: what really happened to the 33-year-old?

Zhao’s corpse was discovered in a badly burned state by a pair of hikers just after 8 a.m. that Monday. It was immediately deemed a homicide with local officials taking the lead – but now the FBI has moved in to determine what precisely led to the tragic event.

According to multiple reports, the last person to see Zhao alive was her mother, who reported interacting with her the prior day at 5:30 p.m.

Local police in White Lake Township, Michigan, believe the death occurred sometime close to midnight.

Zhao’s nickname on the poker circuit was “Susie Q,” and she was widely regarded as a very high-stakes player. It is unclear at this stage whether that had anything to do with her death.

Detective Lieutenant Christopher Hild indicated that officials are reviewing whether “this may be some sort of retaliatory incident because of her profession.”

A few months ago, Zhao traveled from Los Angeles, California, where she previously resided, to Michigan. The exact reason why this occurred remains unclear, but some friends have described the move to media outlets as having been necessitated by “challenges in her personal life.”

What precisely those challenges were are unknown at this stage.

Additional details regarding what really happened to Zhao should continue to come out in the days and weeks that follow.

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