“No” to smoking at Casinos in Macau

This year Macau had made a strict policy of no smoking in its city, especially at its gaming gambling centres. It took more than a year for the city to implement this law. However, even after strict monitoring of the law, It seems that many gambling centres still don’t have a “No” no-smoking clause.

It seems that the game gambling centres are not at all affected by this law. According to the recent report published by Macau’s Health Bureau, the major violates of no-smoking in the city are the casinos. During their research study of a five-month-long period, in which they visited 724 times to selected Casinos, out of which they found that 666 times the rules were violated of No-smoking clause. There can be no doubt on the accuracy of the survey as it was conducted with the help of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. The amount leads to nearly 27 percent of the violation number in the city. However, the majority of the Casino which violated the rule had to pay some form of compensation as a punishment.

In Macau, there are nearly 47 Game gambling centres, some of which have multiple gaming floors. Till 31st of 2018, until the time the ban was not affected throughout Macau, only VIP spaces were allowed to have a smoking zone. However, after a complete ban, All the VIP smoking also went into the category of no-smoking places. The gaming centres have been very much affected by this law as because of it; they now have to build separate enclosed smoking lounges which have the brand new technology of advanced smoke-extraction. On top of that, all the smoking lounges need to get a nod from city regulators.

The city regulators have so far received the request of 597 lounges from 25 Casinos to get approval from the Health Bureau. Till the end of May 2018, the Health Bureau had granted 556 of the total 597 requests. But with the entire 47 lounges, there are still 12 casinos which need to apply the smoking lounge.





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