Steve Nash Gets Brutally Honest About Kyrie Irving’s Status (Video)

Steve Nash Gets Brutally Honest About Kyrie Irving’s Status (Video)

The Brooklyn Nets have played the entirety of the 2020-21 NBA season thus far without Kyrie Irving.

As a result of New York mandates, unvaccinated players cannot participate in home games. Because the Nets refused to let Irving be a part-time player, he was rendered unavailable to the team.

Earlier this week, a report emerged suggesting that change may be on the horizon.

On Tuesday, head coach Steve Nash was asked if he had any updates on the Irving front.

“I haven’t and I have no updates,” Nash said. “I have connected with him, but totally outside of the scope of the question and just [about] life in general. So, we connected last week, but not with any intel or insight that things are changing.

“I know he’s working out and I know he’d love to be playing. But I think the boundaries are still the same as they were before recent reports.”

The same day, Nets star Kevin Durant was asked about a potential Irving return.

“We’ll see. I don’t know,” he said. “I mean, of course, Kyrie is my brother and we talk about everything. So I’d rather keep those conversations in house, though.”

Irving has lost a lot of money over his decision to sit out. His relationship with the Nets’ front office deteriorated considerably. And his friendship with Kevin Durant has also become more tense.

Will he ultimately return to the fold this season?

Time will tell.

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