Steve Nash Gets Brutally Honest About James Harden (Video)

Steve Nash Gets Brutally Honest About James Harden (Video)

James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets often flies under the radar when conversations turn to the best players in the NBA today.

For whatever reason his low-key, mostly offense-oriented game doesn’t resonate with fans in the same way Kevin Durant’s or LeBron James’ styles do.

That said, Harden recently became just the 10th player in league history to amass 20,000 points, 6,000 assists and 5,000 rebounds.

In the afterglow of that feat, Nets head coach Steve Nash decided to get brutally honest about Harden’s skillset.

As far as Nash is concerned, Harden is already among a legendary echelon of NBA players.

“He’s historically great,” Nash said.

“The numbers he’s put up: incredible. He’s one of the best players of this generation. It’s mind-boggling to think about the numbers he’s put up and the success he’s had. He’s one of those very very special players, not only of his generation but historically. And the numbers back it up.”

A lot of people don’t like Harden. You will recall, just a few weeks back Scottie Pippen absolutely destroyed him.

Kobe Bryant, similarly, also had some pretty critical things to say about Harden’s game.

That said, like Nash alluded to – numbers don’t lie.

Harden’s stats speak for themselves. He is arguably a top-five shooting guard of all time, regardless of whether people want to admit it or not.

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