Stephen Curry’s Warriors, Kevin Durant’s Nets Chasing Same Free Agent

Stephen Curry’s Warriors, Kevin Durant’s Nets Chasing Same Free Agent

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will forever be tied together in NBA lore due to the years they spent together on the Golden State Warriors.

Although the latter player is obviously with the Brooklyn Nets now, that link has yet to be fully severed.

Much as was the case when Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant were compared for years despite not being on the same team, the same is true for Curry and Durant. It also doesn’t help matters any that Durant still takes little social media potshots at Curry.

And that’s what has made the fact that both the Warriors and Nets are chasing the same veteran player in free agency all the more interesting.

The veteran in question? Paul Millsap.

According to Mike Singer of The Denver Post, both teams are very much in the running for the 15-year NBA vet.

“Millsap is still out there in free agency,” he wrote. “Have heard both Golden State and Brooklyn are interested, per source.”

Last year Millsap averaged 8.9 points and 4.7 rebounds in 56 outings. He started in 36 of those games and proved that he could still be a valuable contributor in a reduced role. As such, both the Warriors and Nets could really use him in 2021-22 – it’s now just a matter of who can put together the better offer.

As though fact that their teams are chasing the same veteran free agent isn’t enough, Curry and Durant were also linked earlier this week due to their joint history with Draymond Green.

More specifically, Curry has come under fire in recent days for his role in a beef that existed between Green and Durant. Whether or not that blame is fair is up for debate – but it’s definitely being thrown in Curry’s general direction.

Regardless of whether the Warriors or Nets ultimately come away with Millsap, it’s probably safe to assume that this isn’t the last time in the foreseeable future that Curry’s troops and Durant’s troops will fight it out for some basketball-related reasons.

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