Stephen Curry’s Encounter With Bronny After Lakers Win Goes Viral

Stephen Curry’s Encounter With Bronny After Lakers Win Goes Viral

Stephen Curry’s encounter with Bronny James following his team’s Game 3 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers went viral on Saturday night.

Heading into the weekend, the Golden State Warriors had a ton of momentum. Fresh off a dominant Game 2 win over L.A. in their second-round playoff series, it genuinely seemed like the tide might be turning in the defending champs’ favor.

Then Game 3 happened. Los Angeles dominated the Warriors, ultimately securing a 127-97 win.

Curry had a particularly rough showing on the night, finishing with 23 points on 21 shots and being unable to do much of anything against Anthony Davis. As bad as things were, though – that didn’t show him from stopping to show love to Bronny following the outing.

Classy stuff as usual from arguably the classiest player in the entire league.

Earlier in the day Bronny announced that he would be going to USC for college. The revelation was a huge one, as he had been keeping his future plans very close to the chest.

This is a guy whose status with his girlfriend was made public knowledge despite him keeping it a secret, so the fact that Bronny was able to keep his USC commitment so quiet is incredible. Time will tell how he fares at the next level.

As for Curry, he will definitely find a way to bounce back in Game 4. He and the Warriors have been here before, and being down 2-1 in a series doesn’t phase them.

That said – they need to figure out a way to get past Davis. He has been the best defensive player around in the playoffs this year, and while his offense is inconsistent game-to-game, defensively he is always a force.

The Lakers’ strategy has been forcing everyone besides Curry to beat them – and it has worked two out of three times.

Will L.A. be able to dethrone the defending champs? Will Bronny be in attendance to watch them do it? An answer to both questions should present itself over the next week and change.

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