Stephen Curry’s Blunt Message To Unhappy Warriors Teammates

Stephen Curry’s Blunt Message To Unhappy Warriors Teammates

The Golden State Warriors dug deep on Sunday and earned a season-saving Game 7 victory over the Sacramento Kings.

They will now advance to face off against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in arguably the most highly-anticipated second-round playoff series in recent memory.

But that epic match-up almost didn’t come to be.

For weeks, the Warriors have been mired in drama – including reported growing discontent among certain key young role players.

As reported by Marcus Thompson II and Shams Charania, team star Stephen Curry delivered a rousing message to his teammates before Game 7 – including the ones who have grown increasingly dissatisfied with their roles on the team.

“According to multiple sources in the private session, Curry told the team he believed in them, that they had enough to win,” the report read. “He asked for their trust in return. He assured them he could deliver victory if they all bought in.

“He implored them to put all of their feelings aside — which sources with knowledge of the locker room felt was messaging directed at Poole, Jonathan Kuminga and other guys who might’ve been unhappy for reasons such as playing time and role — and lock in to the unified mission.

“Anyone who wanted to remain in their emotions, he told them to stay home. Anyone who was ready for their vacation, he told them not to get on the bus for Sacramento. But anyone who did get on the bus, Curry took that as a signature of approval, a binding agreement to be on board with the mission,” Thompson and Charania continued.

“And if they did that, if they got on the bus, he promised he’d deliver. With his game, his faith, their solidarity, they’d win. Because of who he is, and how rarely he does this, it hit home in a way only Curry could pull off. He saved the Warriors’ season before Game 7 even began.”

Curry’s message worked. Not only did everyone come to play on Sunday, but he himself led the way with a memorable 50-point effort.

In the end, a series that has become entangled with on the court drama like Draymond Green’s beef with Domantas Sabonis and off the court drama like the Kings owner’s daughter’s provocative photos going viral, was ultimately settled by who could play best when it mattered most.

The answer proved to be the Warriors.

Debates will rage over the next few days about whether Curry has surpassed Magic Johnson or not as the greatest point guard of all time.

You can make a fair case either way.

That said, if Curry can lead the Warriors to a fifth championship this year, the debate will be over.

At that point, there is nothing to talk about – Curry would definitely and definitively be anointed on the spot as the greatest point guard to ever play the game.

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