Stephen Curry Gets Brutally Honest About Michael Jordan

Stephen Curry Gets Brutally Honest About Michael Jordan

Stephen Curry is the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history and one of the best players of all time.

Michael Jordan, in most people’s eyes, is the best basketball player of all time.

In that respect, it stands to reason that both would have unique and strong opinions about each other.

Recently, Curry spoke at length about how much Jordan’s way of leadership influenced him and the way he leads.

“What Michael said, what MJ said in his documentary about not expecting anybody else to do something he wouldn’t necessarily do on the court,” Curry said.

“And the work and all that. There’s an element of that. There’s an element of awareness, the value of everybody in the locker room.”

Any time Curry speaks on matters related to hoops, he is very genuine and truthful about them.

Whether he is revealing the one-of-a-kind gift he received from Snoop Dogg, getting brutally honest with Malika Andrews about Andrew Wiggins or delving deep into Klay Thompson’s shooting woes – Curry always keeps it real.

In that respect, there is no reason to assume that his words about Jordan and Jordan’s unique leadership style are anything other than one hundred percent the way he feels.

The Warriors came into this season on a mission to repeat as NBA champions. While the early going of the season has been tough for them, one thing ensures that they will never be counted out: Curry and his leadership.

He is that good and his way of guiding Golden State is that proven.

Will the Warriors ultimately be able to win a second consecutive NBA championship in 2022-23?

An answer will emerge soon enough.

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