Stadia, Google’s Gaming System Rolling Out in November

Google at the event of ‘Stadia Connect’ announced the date as well as pricing details of its game streaming platform. Stadia by Google currently will launch in 14 countries covering the US, UK, Canada, and 11 different countries in Europe. In the beginning, only Stadia Pro will be accessible to gamers.

Compatibility Requirements

In Stadia, you can play games on your laptop, desktop, TV connected to a Chromecast Ultra streaming device, tablet, and Pixel smartphones, on the 3 as well as 3a models, without a game launcher.

There are no downloads available as the games are existing on Google cloud servers. It means Stadia can too sync game progress throughout devices.

35 Mbps download is the minimum speed requirement to stream Stadia content in 4K resolution with 5.1 surround sound gaming. Also, 10 Mbps download speed is the requirement for gaming in 720P resolution with surround sound.


You have to pay a monthly fee to access their top-tier game streaming service; however, you need to buy the games individually to play on it. The service estimated at $9.99 per month fee is launching in November under the Stadia Pro service package. This service package provides 4K 60fps HDR with 5.1 sound alongside the benefit of playing several games within one membership.

Right now, only Destiny 2 comes with the package, but in the future, Google intends to add more games to the Stadia Pro plan. There is also a basic free version called ‘Stadia Base’ available in the streaming service, which will enable the subscriber to purchase games play them at the resolution of 1080p.

Additionally, those who purchase a monthly subscription can avail games at the discounted rates. Though when Google releases its Stadia base package following year without a monthly fee, no discount will be on offer on any game.

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