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Spencer Rattler Gets Blunt About Why Oklahoma Failed Him

Spencer Rattler Gets Blunt About Why Oklahoma Failed Him

Spencer Rattler’s decision to transfer from Oklahoma to South Carolina this past offseason was inarguably the biggest collegiate player move in the last few months.

At one point last year Rattler was regarded as a Heisman favorite and surefire future No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick. His stock quickly plummeted once the games actually commenced, though – culminating in him getting benched in favor of Caleb Williams.

What followed was nonstop drama. First in the form of his bad attitude and petty beef with Williams for replacing him. And then the odd controversy surrounding why precisely he ditched plans to transfer to Arizona State University in favor of South Carolina.

This week, Rattler did his first press conference as a member of the Gamecocks. And based on what he said, it’s safe to assume that there is no love lost between him and the Sooners.

“I have learned probably more in a month than I have in my college career,” Rattler said. “With these pro-style systems and the film we are watching, I think it elevates everybody’s games on the team. Mentally and physically on the field.”

Yikes. Not a glowing endorsement of Oklahoma or the way Lincoln Riley ran his ship over there.

Rattler didn’t stop there, though.

“It was crazy, a whirlwind,” he continued. “I sat my first year behind Jalen Hurts; I learned a lot from him on and off the field. He was a great leader. He is doing his thing in the NFL. My second year, I had a great year and lost only two games.

“Last year, things went how they went. I couldn’t control it. I feel like as a player I was doing fine enough. We were undefeated at the time. I guess it wasn’t enough. I can’t control that. I am just happy to be here now.”

Rattler was always viewed as immensely talented. He was a star figure in the Sooners’ 2019 recruiting class and seemed destined for greatness. Sadly, that greatness never came. And now it’s very much up in the air whether it ever will.

Obviously Riley was a shady guy. His lies and track record speaks for itself. But he was also great at coaching up elite quarterback prospects. Rattler seemed to be his lone really huge miss.

Who’s fault was that? An answer should emerge this year.

If Rattler thrives at South Carolina – then clearly he wasn’t to blame for his Oklahoma woes.

Should he continue to be the player he has been, then we’ll know he was at fault all along.

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