Soccer Player’s Wife Leaves Him Over Intimate Act On Teammate

Soccer Player’s Wife Leaves Him Over Intimate Act On Teammate

A soccer player’s wife reportedly made the complicated decision to leave him this week after a video emerged of him performing an intimate act on a teammate.

This week, a nine second video clip began to circulate on social media allegedly displaying an Australian soccer player performing a deeply lewd act on a teammate.

Specifically, the player in question apparently got on his knees and performed the particularly sensual act after losing a bet.

“The player from the Glen Waverly Football Club, a team in Melbourne’s Eastern Football Netball League, is seen bent over as his teammates cheer on loudly in the background,” Radar Online reported. “He briefly performs fellatio on the man before raising his hand in celebration to the cheers and jeers of onlookers.

“It’s believed the lewd incident happened on August 14 following the club’s final match of the season. The players had gathered for the annual “Mad Monday” celebration, an annual ritual where players go out and get as drunk as possible.”

It would appear that at least one of the wives involved in this entire sordid drama did not take kindly to it.

The “wife has left the player who did sucking,” Radar Online noted.

Beyond the obvious issues at hand, apparently the players who were present also behaved in other uncouth ways.

“The patron saw players smashing glassware inside and outside the venue, vaping indoors, dancing on tables, and trying to grab wine from behind the bar,” the Herald Sun reported. “The witness said toilets were left in a state of disrepair and covered in vomit.”

It feels like there is something in the air all over the place these days. People making bad decisions of this nature is becoming increasingly common.

Just this week, a couple in the United States was caught on video seemingly getting a little too rambunctious at an Oakland Athletics game.

Now this.

Will the “sucker” in this story be able to get his wife back after everyone has cooled down a bit?

Time will tell.

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