Shaquille O’Neal Names Best NBA Player In World Right Now

Shaquille O’Neal Names Best NBA Player In World Right Now

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best NBA players of all time. Between his championships and individual accomplishments, he is undeniably a historically great talent who left an undeniable mark on the sport of basketball.

Due to his unique place in hoops lore, O’Neal is uniquely qualified to speak on the greatness or lack thereof of other prominent NBA names.

And that this precisely what he did this week.

On his podcast, O’Neal revealed who he believes is the best NBA player in the world right now.

“The real ones are recognized by the championships that you have,” O’Neal said.

“Nobody plays better than Steph Curry. He’s a tough shot taker, tough shot maker. I like where he’s brought his career. I love ‘Rocky’-type stories. . . . Steph wasn’t highly recruited. So, to be able to work that hard and be the best shooter and one of the best players in the league, he gets my props for that. I love that kid.”

It’s hard to dispute O’Neal’s rationale. Even before this season Curry was the greatest shooter in league history and a three-time champ. But winning it all again in 2022, coupled with breaking the three-point record and winning a Finals MVP – all that solidified his place.

There is a reason Curry has been going wild and partying all summer. He earned it.

As for O’Neal, he has never been shy to share his thoughts on this type of stuff. Whether he is naming the two most dominant players ever or speaking on his life-threatening health issues – he always keeps it real.

This was just par for the course.

What NBA hot topic will O’Neal ultimately share his thoughts on next?

Time will tell.

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