‘Sleeper’ Team Emerges For Ben Simmons Trade

‘Sleeper’ Team Emerges For Ben Simmons Trade

The ongoing power struggle between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers seems have to reached a stalemate.

Philly has made its asking price for Simmons clear. The front office has even gone so far as to reject two very credible trade proposals for not being precisely what they had originally asked for.

Simmons, meanwhile, seems content sitting out until a deal happens – even if it costs him an inordinate amount of money.

This past Friday ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst appeared on The Jump. While there, he offered a squad that nobody was talking about it when it comes to the Ben Simmons Sweepstakes, but should definitely be keeping an eye on.

“I think the sleeper team in this whole situation is the Indiana Pacers,” Windhorst said. “First off, I know that they don’t have an All-NBA player to trade, but they have a bunch of really good players, and … they control all of their picks.

“Kevin Pritchard likes to trade for guys who are under contract. They know that they’re never going to be a free agent destination. … They love the idea of being able to trade for a player like Ben Simmons who they would have team control over.”

In Windhorst’s estimation, Indiana could “put together an offer that few teams could rival.”

If not the Pacers, the Houston Rockets also seem very interested in getting something done for Simmons. Same with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

One way or another, Simmons will likely get dealt sooner rather than later. When precisely will it happen, though? Time will tell.

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