Should The Ref Get Fired For This Awful Zach LaVine Call? (Video)

Should The Ref Get Fired For This Awful Zach LaVine Call? (Video)

The Chicago Bulls fell to the Washington Wizards 105-101 on Monday night. The loss was not without controversy.

With the score sitting at 103-101 and just over nine seconds remaining in the game, Bulls star Zach LaVine (who has been the topic of a lot of trade talk) got the ball near half court. With one man on him, he took a few dribbles and then drove straight to the basket, anticipating that he would get fouled.

Sure enough, as he went up to the rim, he encountered a ton of contact – only there was no whistle blown.

The video largely speaks for itself.

Yes, Alex Len went straight up and down while attempting to play defense, but he quite clearly clipped LaVine on the arm as well. That’s a foul by any definition you want to use.

LaVine was understandably heated when he was unable to get the ball to drop and failed to earn a whistle.

Ultimately he finished the day with 35 points on 12-of-16 shooting, six assists and two rebounds.

With this loss Chicago fell to 9-14 on the year, while Washington improved to 6-15.

Obviously the Bulls won’t make the playoffs either way, so in the grand scheme of things losses are probably better than wins at this juncture, but falling to a squad as bad as the Wizards still has to sting.

For Washington, meanwhile, this outing proved to be a great example of how fast things can change. Just last week a list of five teams that Bradley Beal would be willing to be traded to came out. This week, they’re on a winning streak.

Circumstances can shift quickly in the NBA.

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