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Should Oklahoma Make The College Football Playoff?

Should Oklahoma Make The College Football Playoff?

Opinions vary on how good of a football team Oklahoma actually is this year. On one hand, the Sooners struggled badly early in the season and lost two games. On the other hand, they’ve won six since then and boast one of the more impressive units in college football.

On Tuesday, ESPN college football insider Kirk Herbstreit made a strong argument that Oklahoma deserves College Football Playoff consideration.

“I happened to see Oklahoma a few weeks ago against Oklahoma State and I called Lincoln (Riley) after the game and I said, ‘man, I think you’re better right now as a complete team that you were last year and the year before that and the year before that’ because of the way their defense is playing,” Herbstreit said.

“This (Spencer) Rattler kid has really grown up compared to where they were early in the year.

“Keep in mind, you lose CeeDee Lamb, you lose your top backs, you lose Jalen Hurts, your top offensive linemen … they had a lead against Kansas State and couldn’t hold on, they have a chance to avenge that loss to Iowa State,” he continued.

“If they were to win and look good doing it, could you say the same thing about Oklahoma even though they’re way down at No. 10? If there’s chaos up above them, why not Oklahoma if you’re saying the same things about Iowa State.”

Will Herbstreit’s case for the Sooners sway any hearts and minds? Time will tell.

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