Shaquille O’Neal Names 1 NBA Player Who Never Feared Him

Shaquille O’Neal Names 1 NBA Player Who Never Feared Him

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Given how long his career lasted and the success he experienced, he obviously has a lot of stories to tell.

One in particular from last week really stood out.

During a recent podcast appearance with Philadelphia Eagles great Jason Kelce, O’Neal revealed the one player who never seemed to fear him during their time in the league together.

That player? San Antonio Spurs legend, Tim Duncan.

“I was looking at him, I’m bouncing, and he’s going and I’m going and he’s bouncing back and I was like s***,” O’Neal said.

Kelce seemed to really understand the general idea of what O’Neal was alluding to in the grand scheme of things.

“I think the first time you play any of these greats, there’s a certain level of fear,” Kelce said. “Hopefully it’s a healthy fear, right? I don’t subscribe to [the idea that] if you’re afraid, that’s necessarily a bad thing. I’ve played a lot of my best games where there’s a respect that this dude can beat me.”

O’Neal has always had a healthy respect for Ducnan.

“Greatest power forward of all time,” he told ABC News at one point.

“Unbreakable power forward. No [elbow] could break him. No loss of a championship could break him. Nothing could break him.

“You know how I played: I tried to intimidate guys and ‘bow guys, but none of that ever fazed him,” O’Neal added. “As far as giving me problems, he’s right behind Hakeem Olajuwon. Not because of his moves. Because of his mind.”

There is something really special about O’Neal’s commentary when he speaks like this. Yes, in recent years the has been in the headlines for things like his private text messages leaking, going off on Zion Williamson for being lazy and his strict rules for his daughters about dating.

That made him slightly less likeable.

But when he speaks openly and honestly about his time as a basketball player in this sort of fashion, he reminds one and all what made him such a beloved character to begin with.

Hopefully O’Neal continues to tell many more stories like this in the years to come on his podcast.

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