Shaq’s Photo With Tom Brady Fan Veronika Rajek Causes A Stir

Shaq’s Photo With Tom Brady Fan Veronika Rajek Causes A Stir

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most internationally-renowned sports personalities in the world.

With the F1 2023 Miami Grand Prix set to take place this weekend, Shaq found himself in Florida to commemorate the big event.

Also on hand for the occasion? Infamous Tom Brady fan, Veronika Rajek.

Rajek, for the uninitiated, went mega-viral earlier this year when people mistakenly thought she and Brady might date following his divorce from Gisele Bundchen. The rumors got pretty intense for a while, until it came out that she was actually married to a different athlete.

At that point, the chatter died down.

While nobody thinks Rajek and Brady will link up anymore, that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. That culminated in a run-in with Shaq this week that led to a now-viral photo.

Shaq’s Photo With Tom Brady Fan Veronika Rajek Causes A Stir 1


This obviously isn’t the first time in recent months Rajek has blown up online. Between her wild photos and innate ability to attract attention, it has been one thing after another with her.

Plus, there is also just her standard social media content, which never fails to impress.

Big picture, Rajek is one of several female stars who has really capitalized on what a little viral social media attention can get you.

The fact that she is still relevant for no real reason at all is telling about where society is at right now.

Moreover, the fact that Shaq would stop to take a photo with her is similarly telling.

What crazy stuff will Rajek ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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