Seth Curry’s Honest Take On Ben Simmons’ Mental Status

Seth Curry’s Honest Take On Ben Simmons’ Mental Status

Seth Curry has had a unique position from which to observe Ben Simmons over the past year.

Both he and Simmons were members of the Philadelphia 76ers, and both were dealt to the Brooklyn Nets ahead of the NBA trade deadline last season.

Because of that, Curry has a perspective on Simmons that few others possess.

Recently, he spoke out about what Simmons’ mental status is like these days and the sort of issues that may arise as he works his way back onto the basketball court.

“There are always challenges. Foremost, he has missed a whole season. It is going to be a challenge getting his rhythm back playing basketball,” Curry told The Age and Sydney Morning Herald recently.

“I don’t know specifically what he has been through, mentally – that’s hard for me to comment on – but having that year off, having that time off, of competing and playing five-on-five basketball is going to be just as hard … just taking some time and getting re-acclimated to playing high-level basketball, but he is a special talent, has all the skills,” Curry added.

“The Nets need him on the floor.”

The situation surrounding Simmons speaks for itself. While he made it no secret that he loved seeing the Sixers lose in the playoffs last year, he didn’t fare much better. He cited back problems as a reason why he couldn’t return for his new squad’s postseason run, which led to the Nets becoming the only team to get swept out of the first round of the 2021-22 playoffs.

This became a problem when photos later emerged showing him out partying with his girl.

Thus far, Simmons hasn’t really endeared himself to Nets fans. Time will tell if that changes.

Curry, meanwhile, is exactly what Brooklyn needs – but he is a name frequently floated in conversations regarding a Kyrie Irving trade. It will be interesting to see where he ultimately suits up next season.

Curry has actually been in the headlines quite a bit over the past few weeks. Recently he went viral when he described in great detail the two things that he does better than his brother, Steph. It’s easy to see why that caught people’s eye.

The 2022-23 season is still some ways away, and it’s unclear whether one or both of Curry and/or Simmons will be on the Nets’ roster when it commences.

What does the future hold for this duo?

Time will tell.

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