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Scott Frost Loses Another Nebraska Star To Transfer

Scott Frost Loses Another Nebraska Star To Transfer

Scott Frost Loses Another Nebraska Star To Transfer

Scott Frost lost another Nebraska star to transfer this week.

On Friday, Husker cornerback Tony Butler announced that he was leaving the school for greener pastures.

A former high school standout, Butler has not gotten much action in his three years with Nebraska. As such, he wants to utilize his one year of remaining eligibility elsewhere.

“I have one last season of eligibility left and I will be entering the transfer portal,” he wrote.

“This place will forever be in my heart. But I believe that my abilities need to be utilized at a different university. Thank you for helping me grow into the man I am today.”

Butler initially came to Nebraska in 2016, but could not earn his way onto the field consistently.

In 2017, he recorded two tackles. In 2019, that total dipped to one.

With his departure, Butler now becomes the third player to leave the Huskers via the NCAA Transfer Portal over the past 30 days.

Wide receiver Miles Jones left for Tennessee and linebacker Pernell Jefferson is leaving to a yet to be determined locale.

It remains to be seen what school Butler ultimately decides to transfer to.

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  1. How does 1 tackle all year make this kid a, in your words, a Nebraska star? Just curious about your word age on this. This young man rarely made it on the field so please refrain from sensationalizing it. Almost appears like you’re trying to blame Coach for losing a starter.

  2. Cool how you consider Jefferson and Butler “stars” of the Nebraska program. While I appreciate their dedication to the university of Nebraska, I feel it’s an attempt to draw attention to your middle-of-the-mall article by labeling these guys stars. Not impressed. O out of 5 “stars”

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