Russell Wilson’s Wife Ciara Shares Wild 2022 Halloween Costume

Russell Wilson’s Wife Ciara Shares Wild 2022 Halloween Costume

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is in the midst of a tough first season with his new team. A 3-5 record and third place in the AFC West isn’t where anyone expected them to be eight games into the year.

That said, while things aren’t going great for Wilson professionally, he is still thriving from a personal standpoint.

By all accounts, his faith remains a big and fulfilling part of his life. Beyond that, his wife Ciara and the rest of his family also seem to be doing quite well.

This week, Ciara shared what she and the family did for Halloween in 2022. And their costumes left quite the impression:

You love to see it. Reactions to Ciara’s choice of attire poured in immediately.

“You take the celeb Halloween crown every year,” one person wrote.

“You win every year,” another person added. “Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas and you’re coming for the Halloween title! Slay!”

This isn’t the first time Wilson and Ciara have found themselves in the headlines in recent months. Between them getting called out for ‘troubling’ behavior, their wild outfits at a recent event coming under scrutiny and that whole Marshawn Lynch brouhaha – it has been one thing after another.

A lot of celebrity couples are magnets for controversy and media attention, but at times it feels like Wilson and Ciara take it to the next level.

On the field, it will be interesting to see where Wilson and the Broncos go from here. They quite clearly cheated to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in London this past week, but a win is a win nevertheless.

The question now is just whether they can keep the victories coming. Over their next three outings Denver is set to face the Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders and Carolina Panthers. They should go 2-1 there at worst.

From there, though – it’s back-to-back showings against the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. It’s hard to see them winning either match-up.

Even under the most generous of circumstances, it’s hard to see how the Broncos finish any better than 7-10 this year.

For all intents and purposes, 2022-23 is inevitably going to go down in the record books as a lost season.

Will Wilson be able to bounce back in 2023-24? Will he and Ciara ultimately become the saviors they were initially anointed as this past summer?

Time will tell.

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