Rory McIlroy, Amanda Balionis Cheating Rumor Goes Viral

Rory McIlroy, Amanda Balionis Cheating Rumor Goes Viral

Rory McIlroy’s decision to divorce from his longtime wife, Erica Stoll, sent massive reverberations throughout the golf world.

Few details were offered as the reason for their split, leading to fans digging in and doing investigative work of their own.

Over the weekend, fans couldn’t help but notice that beloved golf reporter Amanda Balionis was making public appearances without her ring on.

Balionis, a popular CBS reporter, was known for being married to former NFL quarterback Brynn Renner.

On Sunday, a rumor began to circulate suggesting that the reason for both apparent situations is a tawdry love affair:

Rory McIlroy, Amanda Balionis Cheating Rumor Goes Viral 1

It is important to note that internet conjecture is just that – not legitimate fact. Nobody knows for sure what occurred with either McIlroy or Balionis. And until either one or both parties come out to address the matter, there is no way to know the truth.

Rory McIlroy Is Following Tigers Woods’ Lead

McIlroy’s divorce understandably has led many to think about his good friend Tiger Woods, who similarly faced divorce amid a very successful golf career.

In recent years Woods has obviously gone viral for everything ranging from his body transformation to Paige Spiranac’s blunt confession about him, but he is also broadly known within the larger cultural zeitgeist for his inability to find true love.

McIlroy, for whatever reason, seems to be trending in a similar direction.

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