Rockies Trading Nolan Arenado To Mets?

Rockies Trading Nolan Arenado To Mets?

Rockies Trading Nolan Arenado To Mets?

Are the Rockies trading Nolan Arenado to the Mets?

According to multiple reports, New York has engaged both the Cleveland Indians and Houston Astros in trade talks regarding Francisco Lindor and Carlos Correa, respectively.

At this point, neither player appears to be a likely candidate for a trade actually occurring though.

If the Mets want a real game changer and they want him now, Danny Abriano of proposed a smart deal that could have an immediate impact: Arenado to the Mets.

Colorado is reportedly becoming increasingly okay with the notion of dealing Arenado, so as this point it is just about finding a trade that makes sense.

Arenado, 28, is a guy who has put up impressive numbers over the pats seven years. He has recorded averages of 36 home runs, 40 doubles and only 104 strikeouts per 162 games played.

He is also a seven-time Gold Glover and a five-time All-Star. Arenado would be a perfect fit alongside Pete Alonso.

In order to get Arenado, the Mets would likely have to give up some combination of Brett Baty, Matthew Allan, Ronny Mauricio, and Francisco Alvarez.

Will the Mets ultimately pull the trigger on this deal? Time will tell.

Should they? Absolutely.

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  1. If the clueless owners of the Rockies trade Arenado away, they are more stupid than I gave them credit for – trade Story and Murphy and Desmond away, too, and then stand around all next season scratching your heads and wondering why we aren’t even close to .500. The people who run the Rockies can’t even get out of their own way!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful work of fiction. Taking Arenado’s contract with the no trade clause completely off the table to write a Easop Fable.

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