Robert Horry’s Perfect Reaction To Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Win

Robert Horry’s Perfect Reaction To Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Win

Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday evening. In the process, he earned his seventh championship ring – the most of any player in league history.

Many responded to Brady’s big win in their own special ways, including NBA legend Robert Horry.

Horry has a special place in basketball lore for his role in helping multiple squads win titles. As such, he was uniquely qualified to deliver a perfect message to Brady.

That message?

Horry won a pair of championships with the Houston Rockets in the mid-90s, then three more with the Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles Lakers in the early 2000s, then two more with the Tim Duncan-led San Antonio Spurs of the mid-2000s. In the process, he became the only player in league history with seven NBA championships who didn’t play for Red Auerbach’s infamous Boston Celtics group.

While it wouldn’t be fair to degrade Horry’s accomplishments, it is worth putting them in context when it comes to Brady’s impact on his respective teams. Horry hit some big shots in big moments and was an important role player, but Brady was and continues to be the star of any franchise he joins.

Whether it’s sending his teammates a five-word text message in the lead-up to the Super Bowl to ensure they’re ready, or messing with his opponents’ minds so badly that they think he called them a slur when in fact he didn’t, Brady is a unique talent unlike any the sports world has ever seen.

Horry was good – but Brady will forever be a legend.

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