Rob Pelinka Gets Honest On Why Lakers Traded Russell Westbrook

Rob Pelinka Gets Honest On Why Lakers Traded Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest move at the NBA Trade Deadline was finally shipping Russell Westbrook off elsewhere.

It required three teams and eight players changing places, but finally L.A. rid itself of the albatross that was Westbrook’s fit within the organization and his massive contract.

This week, team president Rob Pelinka sat down and offered some thoughts on the NBA Trade Deadline.

In addition to explaining why his squad didn’t acquire Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving, he also got honest about why Westbrook was sent away.

“I think when we made the Russell Westbrook trade, we did it with the hope of bringing a championship, having a big three,” Pelinka admitted.

“And clearly, we fell short of that. But when something’s not working as a general manager, it’s your job to fix it.”

In the end, Pelinka felt like the experiment had run its course.

“No one has a perfect track record,” he continued.

“But when you feel like a team isn’t performing the way it’s supposed to you gotta rearrange the parts. And that was sort of what we did at the trade deadline.”

Despite everything that occurred, though, and putting aside how awful things got in the final days, Pelinka tried to speak positively about his experience with Westbrook.

“Now that said, Russell Westbrook was a consummate professional and had great games as a Laker,” he added.

“And we enjoyed having him as a Laker.”

Whether that is true or not is debatable, but clearly all parties involved are moving on.

The Lakers are currently one of four teams in the hunt for John Wall, and one of two that have been linked to Kevin Love.

Westbrook, meanwhile, has three teams interested in him as well.

The Russell Westbrook Era in L.A. was an interesting one, but it’s over now.

Which side will come out of the other end looking better off for it? Time will tell.

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