Rob Gronkowski Reveals Where Tom Brady Will Play In 2020

Rob Gronkowski Reveals Where Tom Brady Will Play In 2020

Rob Gronkowski Reveals Where Tom Brady Will Play In 2020

Rob Gronkowski revealed where Tom Brady will play in 2020.

In the former tight end’s estimation, Brady will remain with the team that drafted him when its all said and done.

A longtime New England Patriots teammate of Brady’s, Gronkowski said it was hard to envision a scenario where the Hall of Fame quarterback skips town.

“I mean, that’s a lot of speculation out there that I don’t even — I sometimes read it and I’m like, ‘Dang, this is crazy how much speculation goes out there,’” Gronkowski said.

“I would say that’s probably all what it is, too. It’s just all speculation and all that type of stuff.

“He’s been with New England for 19 years now, so, who knows. It would be weird to a lot of people I would say.”

Although Gronkowski’s opinion is understandable, it does seem to ignore reality a bit.

While seeing Brady in a different uniform would certainly be odd, it also would not be unprecedented.

Many superstar quarterbacks spent their twilight years with other franchises.

Moreover, Brady has done nothing in recent weeks to indicate that he wants to remain in New England.

Is that a guarantee that he will leave for the Los Angeles Chargers or Tennessee Titans? Obviously not.

But if Brady wanted to remain with the Patriots, there are lot of things he could do to make that clearer than he is currently making it.

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  1. Tom Brady should just retire,doesn’t he recall being beaten by a team whose quarterback is only around 23 or 24 . But everybody knows Tom Brady only wants his name to be first in something in NFL history do he wants to be the oldest quarterback.

    1. He threw for over 4k yards , 24 tds and went 12-4 in 2019. This is just anti-Brady sentiment.
      George Blanda was the oldest qb at 48, so I am sure Brady isn’t just staying in the league to get that pointless oldest QB record when he already is #1 in so many meaningful stats.
      Tom Brady is #1 in Super Bowl wins, appearances, post season yards, attempts, TDs, wins etc. already. He has been to the post season for 12 years straight counting wild card games. Brady has won 3 rings in the past 6 years. His stats may be declining as he gets older, but his losing to the Titans should not be what makes him retire. Name another person who has 3 rings in the past 6 years that should retire.

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