Rob Gronkowski Returning To Patriots Next Season

Rob Gronkowski Returning To Patriots Next Season

Rob Gronkowski Returning To Patriots Next Season

Is Rob Gronkowski returning to the Patriots next season?

During a recent interview, Gronkowski refused to commit to retirement.

After calling it quits in 2019, the future Hall of Fame tight end was asked this week if he would consider a return.

Gronkowski opted to leave the door open.

“I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Gronkowski said.

“I knew that that’s where I was headed, and no regrets at all, man. I’m having a good year.

“I felt like that was the time. I had a couple — a month or so after the season and just felt like that was the time. It feels good to know that it was a good decision.”

Despite being content with his initial decision to retire, Gronkowski remains open to a comeback.

“I don’t know. I mean, I’m a young guy, 30 years old. I still love to work out, stay in shape,” Gronkowski said. “I will never say a complete no because I love playing sports, I love competing.

“It’s still what I do to this day. No matter what it is, if I’m out playing basketball, and I’ll answer this the same as I always answer it.

“If I ever come back and I feel I have that passion, that strong passion for a continued time, not just one day or one hour, like, ‘Oh, man. I need to play football again.’

“I’m talking like a continued passion for about a good week or a good month or so. Then I would think about truly returning to football.”

A big part of Gronkowski’s decision will likely be dependent on New England’s quarterback situation heading into 2020.

If Tom Brady returns or the Patriots get a comparable veteran, the likelihood of a Gronkowski comeback will likely be higher.

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