Rick Pitino Responds To Knicks Hiring John Calipari  

Rick Pitino Responds To Knicks Hiring John Calipari  

Rick Pitino Responds To Knicks Hiring John Calipari  

Rick Pitino responded to the New York Knicks John Calipari this offseason during a recent interview. He views it as unlikely.

Calipari has been the head coach of Kentucky since 2009. Every year for the past decade his name has been linked to an NBA vacancy of some sort.

This time around, it is the New York Knicks.

Calipari previously coached in the NBA from 1996 to 1999 when he spearheaded the then-New Jersey Nets.

Is a return to the pros possible for him?

Not according to Pitino, who discussed the matter during a recent interview.

“I think when you coach at Kentucky, you have the premier job in college basketball — in terms of he can recruit any player he wants, he has unbelievable facilities, he’s gonna win his 30 games every year, and he’s got the best job in all of basketball,” Pitino said.

“So I’m not sure why he would ever want to have a job that’s not the best job in all of basketball. He’s smarter than me when it comes to that.”

Pitino is obviously right. Coaching the Knicks has been more hassle than it is worth for a full decade now. If Calipari leaves for the NBA, there are about 20 better jobs he could get than the dumpster fire at Madison Square Garden.

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