Bengals Star Responds To Colin Cowherd Criticism

Bengals Star Responds To Colin Cowherd Criticism

Bengals Star Responds To Colin Cowherd Criticism

A Cincinnati Bengals star responded to Colin Cowherd’s criticism this past week.

In Cowherd’s estimation, the Bengals should not draft Joe Burrow. He believes the Heisman-winning LSU star will struggle in Cincinnati, and that the team would be better off trading down and taking another quarterback.

“Joe Burrow with no help is going to struggle in Cincinnati,” he said.

“There is no fourth place team in the NFL that is further away talent wise from the three teams above them than the Bengals. He is going to get mauled potentially in that division. I’d move and get picks. I rather have Justin Herbert with five additional draft picks than Joe Burrow without them.”

Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd did not agree with those sentiments.

“Dude your trippin,” he tweeted out in response.

Will Cowherd’s fears ultimately prove to be justified? Time will tell.

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