Rich Paul Settles MJ vs LeBron James Debate Once And For All

Rich Paul Settles MJ vs LeBron James Debate Once And For All

The greatest debate in all of basketball right now is who the greatest player of all time is. Some believe it is Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Others think it’s Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Many have weighed in on this topic, with no clear consensus emerging.

Last week, a new entrant decided to throw his hat into the mix.

James’ agent Rich Paul is obviously biased, but he still provided some interesting insight into why he feels the way he feels.

“The road for LeBron was just as hard, if not harder than the road was for Michael,” Paul told Joe Vardon and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic. “For a number of reasons. And I think the biggest reason is, everyone wants you to do something the way somebody else did it previously.

“LeBron was a kid. (The media) wanted LeBron to be like Mike; they wanted Michael to speak to them in any capacity, which he probably didn’t. They wanted Michael to be his friend, which he probably wasn’t. They also wanted LeBron to act like, be like Michael, and he wasn’t.

“There were more people that smiled and hoped LeBron failed than there ever was rooting for him to succeed in the beginning.”

A lot of people have weighed in on this topic. Dwyane Wade has offered his takeAllen Iverson has as wellSame with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Even former President Donald Trump has done it.

For better or worse, this debate likely isn’t going away any time soon. And it’s unlikely that any hearts or minds will be swayed to the other side.

Hopefully a decade from now the great minds in basketball analysis will be able to sit down and come to consensus regarding who the true GOAT really was.

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