Real Reason Bill Belichick, Gisele Bundchen Hate Each Other

Real Reason Bill Belichick, Gisele Bundchen Hate Each Other

Tom Brady and his ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen, have obviously been in the headlines a lot as of late.

Between Bundchen kissing and groping her kids’ jiu-jitsu coach, Brady’s reaction and Brady openly calling Bundchen out for cheating on him, it has been one thing after another with them.

This week, Bill Belichick found himself flung into the mix.

Recently, an Apple TV+ docuseries called “The Dynasty” decided to take an in-depth look at the New England Patriots and the way they ran roughshod over the NFL across two decades.

One of the more interesting anecdotes from the show came from Patriots owner Robert Kraft when he revealed how and why Bundchen hated Belichick.

“I heard Gisele say, ‘That effin’ Belichick, he doesn’t treat my Tommy like a man,’” Kraft said, as recounted by Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “I realized how bad the situation was, and I said, ‘Tommy, if you want to go, I’ll work it out so you can go.’”

Belichick may not care what people think of him, but he isn’t unaware of it either. If he was getting this sort of heat from Bundchen, it is safe to assume hated her as well.

The toxic vibe emanating from all the individuals involved in this situation explains why the Patriots’ dynasty had to break up the way it did.

It is mind-blowing to realize how many divorces occurred just among this particular foursome. Brady and Belichick split; Brady and Kraft split; Belichick and Kraft split; and of course Brady and Bundchen split.

The only positive relationship left, it would appear, exists between Brady and Kraft.

It is crazy that a dynasty that reigned as supreme as the Patriots’ did could end with so many people at each other’s throats.

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