Real Reason A 76ers-Pacers Ben Simmons Trade Hasn’t Happened Yet

Real Reason A 76ers-Pacers Ben Simmons Trade Hasn’t Happened Yet

Ben Simmons surprised a lot of people last week when he opted to return to the Philadelphia 76ers after a brief holdout.

Earlier in the summer, Simmons suggested that he would not rejoin the team in an effort to expedite a trade. When Philly refused to budge, and then put a little financial pressure on him, the 25-year-old relented immediately.

Simmons’ various teammates have had a assortment of reactions regarding his return. Danny Green was particularly savage, while Joel Embiid attempted to remain pragmatic.

Either way – it’s clear this situation isn’t tenable. Simmons needs a new team, and the Sixers need him gone to ensure he doesn’t poison morale.

On popular squad that was rumored to be in the hunt for Simmons’ services just a few weeks ago was the Indiana Pacers. And yet for whatever reason, a deal never actually materialized.

This week, we finally learned why.

According to Kyle Neubeck of Philly Voice, the situation is presently in a very stagnant state.

“Recent reports have turned up names like Malcolm Brogdon and Caris LeVert, for example, but sources say the names floated in those talks came primarily from Indiana’s end, with the Sixers never expressing much interest in a Pacers deal or even registering serious talks,” he wrote.

One ‘sleeper’ team remains in the hunt for Simmons.

If something works out there, then obviously everyone emerges from the situation having gotten what they wanted. Should a trade not occur, however – then things will somehow get even more awkward than they have been up to this point.

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