Ray Allen Addresses Comeback Rumors

Ray Allen Addresses Comeback Rumors

Ray Allen Addresses Comeback Rumors

Ray Allen recently addressed the comeback rumors that followed him around for years after his retirement from the NBA.

As arguably the greatest shooter in basketball history, Allen’s game was viewed as one that could transcend age. So long as he could get his beautiful three-pointer off, he had value to someone.

Which is precisely why after he called it quits in 2014, there was talk of him returning to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks in 2015 and 2016.

Ultimately, nothing actually materialized.

This week, Allen appeared on James Posey’s “Posecast” and opened up about what that experience was really like.

“Those rumors really turned me off,” he admitted.

“Someone on TV said I already signed a deal with Cleveland. So my house in Miami got broken into for that reason because people thought I was in Cleveland. And I was like ‘I haven’t spoken to anybody.’”

As far as Allen was concerned, he was already a two-time champion. He didn’t need to come back and chase a ring with anyone.

“I already won a championship, I’m not chasing a championship,” he added.

“So it was just an issue about playing time and money. If you can make both things work, then I would look at it. But other than that, I’m not moving my family out of Miami. And nothing materialized that came close to making those things work.”

Ultimately, Allen opted not to return. He stayed retired and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2018.

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