NFL End Zone Message During Chiefs-Texans Angers Both Sides

NFL End Zone Message During Chiefs-Texans Angers Both Sides

NFL End Zone Message During Chiefs-Texans Angers Both Sides

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently announced that NFL end zones would feature certain political messages in an effort to promote social justice awareness.

Somehow, the message chosen for Thursday night’s Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans match-up managed to tick off people on both sides of the aisle.

The message in question? “End racism.”

As soon as the message was displayed, fans watching at home took to social media to express their dissatisfaction.

The NFL plans to use similar messages in end zones of other games this season, but after the backlash the first one drew, the league may need to go back to the drawing board and rethink their strategy.

Despite the fact that the actual football on the field often times felt secondary to all the political talk that accompanied it, a winner and loser did emerge from Thursday’s showdown.

The Chiefs ultimately beat the Texans 34-20 and are now 1-0 to start the season.

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  1. The fools that run the NFL are bowing to the Left that has wanted to destroy all pro sports for decades. I am a former season ticket holder but left the NFL behind years ago because they became boring before all the protests started. The players have ruined the games with their constant showboating, and bending of the rules that has led to referees being the focus instead of players. Pro football is a bore. Someone who cares should do a time analysis comparing amount of actual playing time compared to the time used up by referees with their constant reruns and explanations of why a play was or wasn’t legal. It’s like football run by lawyers.

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