Rachel Nichols’ Controversial Analogy About NBA Draftees, Strip Clubs

Rachel Nichols’ Controversial Analogy About NBA Draftees, Strip Clubs

Rachel Nichols has always been one of the more prominent sports media personalities in the space.

Over the years Nichols has caused a stir for everything ranging from her relationship with Jimmy Butler to all those photos of her partying with NBA stars to her weird flirtation with Devin Booker.

This week, she did it again.

During a session on Fox Sports, Nichols made something of a controversial analogy as it pertains to strip clubs and second-round NBA draft picks.

“What do I always say about second-round picks in the NBA?” she asked.

“They’re like singles at a strip club. You can give them away as much as you want because they will come back to you.”

Nichols didn’t stop there, though.

“People trade round, second-round picks like they’re nothing,” she continued.

“So this idea of like, you’re wasting a second-round pick and you could have given it to someone who earned it. I mean, that is just haterspeak, I’m sorry.”

Fans had some strong reactions to Nichols’ sentiments.

With the NBA Draft rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see if Nichols is proven right. Will a lot of second-rounders ultimately change hands? Time will tell.

Rachel Nichols’ Bold 2024 NBA Draft Prediction

Nichols has made some pretty strong assertions when it comes to the 2024 NBA Draft, even if you exclude her bold second-round draft picks stance.

In particular, Nichols’ stance on how the Los Angeles Lakers plan to treat Bronny raised more than a few eyebrows.

Ultimately, the 2024 NBA Draft will answer a lot of questions – including how plugged in Nichols still is to the broader hoops community.

Will Nichols’ predictions ultimately come to fruition? An answer one way or the other is coming soon enough.

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