Quake II RTX Is A Classic Game Remastered by Nvidia

Quake II was historic in terms of video games as it was the first time when gamers developed a first-person shooter video game back in the late ’90s. (December 1997) Now there is a piece of good news for its die-hard fans. After more than two decades, Nvidia announced that Quake II is going to be re-launched in a better-modified version. In other words, the game will be restructured using modern days innovations which include path tracing, ray tracing and special lighting effects like refractions, reflections, shadows, and single ray tracing algorithm.

Reports of the blog post by Nvidia suggest that the sequel version of this shooter game is a spectacular treat to eyes. It will be the world’s first game that is full path traced. This path trace feature is fantastic as it focuses all lighting effects into a single ray traced algorithm. Nvidia also said that this is the first time that high-end graphics, which previously were only used in Hollywood flicks have been used for the game.

The free version of the game will include the first three levels of single players for Quake II. However, people who have purchased Quake II earlier will able be able to get the entire game. The full game pack will include single player, multiplayer, deathmatch and cooperative multiplayer modes. Including the fully traced feature will add on the visual treat for games which previously are playing this game. One can download Quake II RTX in both Windows and Linux.

As per the head of Geforce marketing at Nvidia, Matt Wuebbling, the team’s passion and love for PC gaming is the result of the revolutionized version of Quake II RTX. The next heightened graphics used by using the Vulkan API, Quake II, is ready to go game for the Gen X game lovers.

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